Free Small Business Accounting Software

Free Small Business Accounting Software

Small business accounting solution is critical to success of any business. It will help you to see financial health of your business at a glance so that you can quickly identify opportunities and trends. Although accounting solutions are costly, free small business accounting software has made the life easier for small business.

With free small business accounting software, you don’t have to worry about starring at accounting jargon and screens full of inscrutable ledger pages. It frees you from the complexity of accounting and gives you an easy to use interface. The best of these solutions gives you a powerful dashboard that helps you to overview everything from incoming money to here to check out The Ten Best Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners

If you’re still stuck with Excel, you’ve to think of making a move. With a myriad of choices, you will have number of solutions available to choose from and there is no reason to worry about Excel’s limitations. Even the simplest of free small business accounting software solutions offer better features than Excel. You will find cloud-based services as well as regular solutions. Cloud based services offer various advantages over hard-drive based solutions.

Free Small Business Accounting Software

If you’re using a cloud-based software as free small business accounting software, you don’t have traditional limits that come with hard-drive based systems. You can use the software from anywhere, using any PC that has an internet connection. You can even use most of these cloud-based solutions from your mobile phone. You don’t have be using the same PC every time to access your business accounts.

When you’re searching for free small business accounting software, you’ve to be sure that you’re checking for backup. Since most of these programs are cloud-based, you won’t have any data on hard drive. This means you need some kind of online backup service to be sure your data is always available even if something goes more information on 10 Cloud-Based Services You Can’t Live Without at

Although you can do your own search and pick a solution that meets your requirements, here is a list that will make things easier. These 5 solutions are considered the best in the market today due to their features, cost, backup, security, and customer support.


QuickBooks family, one of the most trusted in business accounting, offers Pro, Premier, and Online solutions. You can manage your business accounts, pay bills, and print checks using this one-in-all free small business accounting software.

Sage 50:

Sage 50 is an industry standard for business accounting. With thousands of accounting professional using Sage 50, it will be easier to get things moving quickly with Sage.

Sage One:

Sage One is another solution from Sage. Unlike Sage 50, Sage One includes contact management and many additional features.


Xerox is another industry-leading accounting software. Many believe that its free small business accounting software which isn’t true. Xerox is more information on Xerox by clicking here

Outright: Outright is similar to Xerox and provides excellent accounting features for small businesses through its cloud-based solution.

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