Is It a Good Idea to Have Your Spouse Do Your Books?


Many people are letting their spouse become the company’s bookkeeper. This might be something great, but this can also not be the best thing possible. It is important that you are considering all the pros and cons of letting your spouse do your books before you are making the final decision about letting your spouse do the books or hiring a professional for doing the books. Here are some of the pros and cons that you need to know:

Trusting the person that is the bookkeeper of the business

The first benefit of your spouse being the bookkeeper is that you can know that you can trust her with something as important as the books. When you are hiring a bookkeeper in Melbourne, you are going to struggle to trust the person, because you don’t know the person.

Even if the bookkeeper is an experienced bookkeeper that will do the work correctly, it doesn’t mean that you can trust the person.

The price that the business is paying towards the bookkeeper

If your spouse is going to be the bookkeeper, the salary that the business is going to pay her, is really cheap. However, money isn’t always the factor here, especially with something as important as a bookkeeper in Melbourne.

Then, you would rather spend more money ina salary of a professional bookkeeper than paying not that high salary for someone with limited bookkeeping skills. Sometimes it is better to spend more money on someone with more experience and that you can know will do a great job with the bookkeeping.

Experience of the bookkeeper

Maybe your spouse has some bookkeeping experience and she had worked as a bookkeeper in Melbourne before. However, this doesn’t mean that she will have the right experience for your type of business, see how :

A professional bookkeeper will have the right amount of experience, and you will know that they have the necessary experience and knowledge about your type of business to ensure that the bookkeeping is done right. Your spouse won’t have these experiences that a professional bookkeeper will have.

Keeping business and family separate

It is sometimes better to keep family and business separate. If this is a family business, then you want to let your spouse do something in the business as well. However, if she already has a job as a bookkeeper in Melbourne, then you should hire another, professional bookkeeper.

It is so easy for family to start fighting and drifting apart because of business. Are you really prepared to take that risk in ruining a marriage over a business?

Is it a good idea to let your spouse become the bookkeeper of your business? In most cases, no, this isn’t a good idea, because of these pros and cons mentioned. There are so many things that you should consider, that it might be best to hire a professional bookkeeper in Melbourne rather than using your spouse with limited experience and knowledge about bookkeeping.

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