How to Land a Job by Meeting the Accounting Job Requirements

How to Land a Job by Meeting the Accounting Job Requirements

Employers establish accounting job requirements to ensure highly qualified candidates for their accountant positions. Knowledge of the accounting job requirements is important for individuals who intend to be employed in various industries as an accountant. Click here to read more information on LSU Online Accounting Degree. Following are accounting job requirements one needs to take note of before starting with the job hunting process.

• Sufficient education in accounting

One of the major accounting job requirements of employers is the applicant’s educational attainment. One needs to have completed at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, or a related course with a concentration in accounting. Such courses are offered in various colleges and universities in the United States. Distance learning is also made available for individuals who need to juggle studying accounting with their regular responsibilities. Graduating from a university with a highly ranked accounting program is also one of the accounting job requirements of some employers.check out some of the highly ranked accounting schools at

• Obtaining a licensure and certification in accounting

Another one of the accounting job requirements is acquiring a license and certification as an accountant. Before one can formally practice as an accountant, the individual needs to be licensed in the State where they intend to practice. Requirements to qualify for an accountant license will vary, so checking the requirements with the State Board of Accountancy is important. However, the standard requirement is taking and passing the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. Individuals who intend to take the Uniform CPA Exam need to complete 150 credit hours or five years of equivalent study in accounting or a related course. In some States, passing the Uniform CPA Exam grants the individual the certification as a CPA, but they will need to acquire a certain amount of work experience before being fully licensed as a Certified Public Accountant.

How to Land a Job by Meeting the Accounting Job Requirements

• Complete an ethics exam

In at least 40 States, completing a special examination on ethics is one of the mandatory accounting job requirements. An ethics course may be prescribed, such as the Professional Ethics for CPA’s course provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The ethics exam often covers general professional ethics, as well as the specific rules of the State where the would-be accountant intends to practice their profession.

• Regularly obtain continuing education courses

Since a license is one of the important accounting job requirements, CPAs need to regularly renew their licenses. License renewal can be attained by taking continuing education courses. The average requirement is acquiring at least 120 hours of continuing education courses every three years. There are different methods of acquiring continuing education courses such as taking online courses and attending seminars. An ethics course is also a part of the continuing education courses, and taking an ethics exam is required for every renewal. These accounting job requirements aim to maintain, improve and broaden the knowledge of CPAs.

The competition for accountant job posts is tough, but as long as the candidate meets all the accounting job requirements, prospects for employment will be relatively high. Those who meet the accounting job requirements can work for private entities, the government, as well as for individual clients seeking assistance with tax filing preparations.

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